Zyderm® and Zyplast®

Zyderm® and Zyplast® were introduced to the world in 1981 and 1985. These are implants that are made out of collgen and have set the bar when it comes to using filler materials to smooth facial scars, wrinkles and facial lines, as well as offering definition to the border of the lip. Today, over 1.5 million people around the world have enjoyed the benefits of Zyplast and Zyderm collagen implants.

Zyplast® and Zyderm® are two of the most commonly used and widely enjoyed collagen implants that can be injected. You'll find that the use of these implants will offer you the youthful smooth face and full lips you desired. Zyderm® and Zyplast® were the very first collagen implants to receive FDA approval in 1983. They are made out of bovine tissue and are used for the treatment of smile lines, deep wrinkles, crow's feet, frown lines and the border of the lip, as well as scarring.

Zyderm® and Zyplast® - What are They?

Zyderm® and Zyplast® have been used to treat over a million people. They are the first of the many collagen implants ever to have been approved by the United States FDA. They consist of bovine based collagen that has been purified and are used for the treatment of deep wrinkles, fine lines and to improve the contour of the face. If you have fine lip lines or crow's feet, Zyderm® has been shown to gently smooth the targeted area to provide a younger, rejuvenated look. Zyplast®, on the other hand is used for the treatment of deep folds and wrinkles including those at the brows, also known as frown lines and offers a natural looking volume to provide a more youthful appearance.

The collagen that is found in Zyplast® and Zyderm® is derived from bovine. It comes from steers that are kept in a closed herd, which means that they are very closely watched for any diseases and do not have contact with any other herds. This makes the chances that there will be a disease that spreads from animal to a human much lower. Keep in mind that roughly three percent of all people have an allergy to animal derived collagen and cannot have the Zyplast® and Zyderm® implants. In order to determine if you have an allergy it will be necessary to do a test on the forearm about four weeks before your scheduled date to receive the implants. When an allergic reaction occurs after the procedure, it is often caused from a patient that doesn't keep an eye on the test well enough to show if he or she is allergic to the bovine collagen.

Zyderm® and Zyplast® - What they're made of

Zyplast and Zyderm collagen implants are made of very purified cow skin tissue. This tissue comes from steer hide from a closed herd.

Zyderm® or Zyplast® collagen implants - How they work

Zyplast® and Zyderm® collagen implants help rejuvenate the naturally occurring support layer of collagen that is already in the skin to help smooth lines and even scars on the face. These treatments have also been found to create a more defined lip border. Both types of collagen implants are naturally derived and come from the skin of cows that has been highly purified. These substances are injected just under the surface of the skin, to make it easier for the body to accept the collagen as having been made by the body. Zyplast® and Zyderm® collagen implants create a difference that can be seen right away.

What Areas does Zyderm®/Zyplast® treat?

Zyderm® and Zyplast® are often used for the treatment of many areas on the face. Zyderm® is commonly used to help fill in fine wrinkles and lines that develop around the eyes and mouth, where Zyplast® is often used to help plump the lips and add contour and smoothness to the deeper wrinkles and folds that commonly occur on the forehead and around the nose. When they are used simultaneously, these two products have been found to offer a much more youthful and flawless look to the face. Zyplast® is also commonly used to help fill in acne scars, even out the skin and smooth out the look of facial skin.

Zyplast® and Zyderm® are both relatively inexpensive procedures and they are quick and easily done. They both help to not only return lost collagen to the skin, and offer immediate results. These injections contain a numbing agent in the injection, which makes them some of the least painful collagen injections on the market today. While these collagen implants cost less than lots of other fillers out there, the effects are often not as long lasting, with an average of about three to six months. Many consumers are willing to make the trade for the results they get.

How much does Zyderm®/Zyplast® cost?

Zyderm®/Zyplast® injections are both relatively inexpensive for collagen fillers and most people find that they are affordable. Procedure costs will depend on the region where you are located, the doctor you choose to have do the treatment and the amount of injection that you will be given. Most of the time the costs of these treatments start out around $300, but can fluctuate depending on many factors. You should be prepared because there is a charge for the spot test, which will likely cost around $150.

You will likely find that the cost of your injections will depend on how many places of the face you are having treated and how much collagen your treatment takes. Your doctor will likely have programs to help you better afford your treatment.

Zyderm®/Zyplast® treatment - what to expect

When a Zyderm® or Zyplast® collagen implant is done, most people find that the facial wrinkles and lines as well as scars become much softer and less visible. In the case of the lips, many notice a much more defined border in just a single treatment.

The time it takes to heal from this treatment will depend on the individual, but many people have the procedure and go back to work immediately after. Treatment results will most often last anywhere from three to six months because injectable collagen is eventually broken down by the body.

For this reason, it will likely be necessary to have follow-up sessions to help you maintain your results. If you stop getting your with Zyderm® or Zyplast® treatments, the collagen that is injected will just be absorbed into the body and the face slowly goes back to its natural look. It is up to you and your physician to decide on a treatment program that will meet your needs. No matter what option you choose, you should make sure that you get the amount of collagen you need so that you can get the look you desire.

Zyderm®/Zyplast® - Before the treatment

Before you receive a Zyderm® or Zyplast® treatment, it is important that you have a skin test done to decide if you have allergies to the ingredients of these implants. You will have to carefully watch the test site for about four weeks. However, an estimated 97% of the men and women who test for allergies with these treatments have none and qualify for the procedure.

Potential side effects of Zyderm®/Zyplast®

Most people who have this procedure feel well enough to get back to their normal lives right after a treatment. There may be some temporary puffing of the injected areas, which is especially true of the Zyderm® collagen implants.

In the case of both Zyplast® and Zyderm® implants, you will likely notice a slight bruising and tenderness of the injection sight and temporary blushing. However, these side effects are normal and do not last much more than a few days. Most of the time the injection cannot be noticed, but some patients have said that they initially can feel the collagen injection.

As the injected collagen becomes absorbed into your skin, the injection site will look and feel natural and just like your healthy skin. Visible swelling and redness that does not go away after a few days might mean that you're having a reaction to the ingredients of the injection. Make sure to tell your doctor if you have these or any other unusual or long lasting symptoms.

Zyderm® and Zyplast® Injections - Risks and Benefits

If you worry that you might have an allergy to bovine based collagen, you shouldn't consider having a Zyplast® or Zyderm® treatment. About three percent of the people who think they can have this treatment find that they have an allergy to it. Some of the common side effects of these injections include swelling, bruising, redness and tenderness at the site of injection. Keep in mind that these are typical and should go away within a couple of days after treatment.
Some should not consider Zyderm® and Zyplast® injections, they include:
  • Those who tend to develop scars that are hypertrophic
  • Those who are known to be sensitive to lidocaine
  • Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Those with a history of an autoimmune disease

  • Zyderm®/Zyplast® collagen implants have been on the market longer than any other brand of cosmetic fillers and were the very first approved by the FDA. They have a very high success rate and doctors and patients around the world use and trust these brands every day. Zyplast® and Zyderm® have shown amazing results and the rate of repeat patients is also very high. The downfall for many is that they do not last as long as comparable skin fillers available today and only last for about three to six months.

    How is Zyderm Collagen® different than Zyplast Collagen®

    Zyderm Collagen® was made especially for those who have small imperfections or facial contour issues. It is widely used to treat delicate areas such as the frown and smile lines, as well as the wrinkles and fine lines that often show up around the eyes and lips. It also has been shown to help fill shallow scarring.

    Zyplast Collagen® was made especially for the treatment of those deeper facial depressions, including defined contour problems including deep furrows, wrinkles and scars, like those that appear at the corners of the mouth.

    Both Zyderm® and Zyplast® collagen implants can be used individually or with each other for optimal results. Your doctor will decide how beneficial each formula will be and what treatment might be best for your needs.