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80% said procedure was worth it
20% said procedure was not worth it

The average reported Dermaplaning cost is: $455

$200 My exfoliation treatment that keeps my skin healthy

Indianapolis, IN

I love dermaplaning because it's so straightforward. It doesn't use any fancy chemicals or other creams and things I really don't believe in but, just a sharp knife that ... Read the full Dermaplaning review

$750 Dermaplaning makes me feel happy

Chicago, IL

What I like about this treatment is the way it makes me feel. It relaxes me. I just put the mask on and I immediately feel invigorated and more happy with myself. I used to ... Read the full Dermaplaning review

$325 Treatment of Acne Scars with Dermaplaning

Los Angeles, CA

Since my college days, I had numerous fine lines and acne scars on my face. When I got married, my husband insisted that I should get them removed through Dermaplaning. I met ... Read the full Dermaplaning review

$650 An Amazing Skin Exfoliation Treatment With No Side Effects

San Francisco, CA

Few weeks ago, my face was filled with acne scars and fine lines were present around my eyes. Then one day, I came across a commercial promoting Dermaplaning treatment, which ... Read the full Dermaplaning review

$350 Terrible Effects Of Using Dermaplaning Treatment

New York, NY

Few months ago, I was very upset with scary acne scars on my face. I heard a lot about Dermaplaning and decided to undergo the process. I was told that my facial hair would ... Read the full Dermaplaning review

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