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$ I had dental implant and it's beautiful

New York, NY

I have one implant that is on upper right side. It was a long process. I had to wait Almost a year to have my implant done. I hated that, this was annoying to me. I Just ... Read the full Dental Implants review

$ I can smile again, thanks to Dental Implants

New York, NY

I don't know how it happened but I didn't have permanent upper front tooth, so I Had a hole in a place where I wasn't suppose to have it. I looked very strange and Weird. ... Read the full Dental Implants review

$ Very natural and beautiful teeth after having dental implants

Los Angeles, CA

I was in car accident 2 years ago and broke my three front teeth, it was awful but I am glad that I stayed alive. I had to get implants. Of course it wasn't fun go ... Read the full Dental Implants review

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