Health Spas

How are Health Spas Different from Other Spas?

There are a number of different types of spas to choose from when you’re thinking about taking a vacation, but many spa resorts focus on relaxation and pampering. Being lazy on vacation is fun, but what if you want to get more out of your vacation than a few nice pictures of the beach?

Booking a health spa vacation can help you take a break from everyday life and teach you how to live healthier all year round at the same time. Health spa hotels are slightly different from other spa vacations because they will help you learn more about your body, how to keep it fit, and give you relaxation treatments at the same time.

Want to find out more? Check out this list of ways health spas are different from other spa vacations.

1) Focus on Fitness and Stress Reduction at Health Spas

Health spas are about more than just relaxing and getting pampered. They’re about getting healthy and learning what you need to know to stay fit and healthy the rest of the year after you leave.

Health spa resorts are located all over the country and they offer different types of health and fitness programs. Some may focus more on weight loss and others will focus more on maintaining weight and healthy eating.

Depending on what you want to get our of your spa experience, pick one of the health spas that offer you what you need most in your life to stay balanced both physically and mentally. Review the programs and amenities they offer and choose one that aligns with your personal goals.

2) Health Spas, Health Treatments

The first thing to come to mind when most people hear the words “health spas” is “massage.” And it’s true that virtually all health spas offer massages and relaxation treatments.

But they also offer more rigorous heath treatments designed to get you on a path to better, healthier living. Health spa retreats may offer such treatments as acupuncture, aromatherapy, or colon therapy.

3) Health Education at Health Spas

A health spa vacation is about more than getting exercise and feeling good after getting a massage. Health spas generally offer classes or seminars on healthy living that will give you tips on how to live a more healthy lifestyle, teach you techniques for relaxation, and may even pair with you a trainer and dietician who will help you design a health program that is specifically built for your lifestyle — to keep you healthy and strong all year long. Education is, perhaps, one of the main benefits of booking vacation time at health spas.

4) Focus on Healthy Cuisine at Health Spas

Lastly, health spas will generally focus on healthy cuisine while you stay at the resort, including balanced meals focused on fruits, grains, vegetables, and other naturally healthy foods.

In addition, health spas will give you instruction and education on how to eat healthier in your normal life and may even help you plan meals and menus for after you leave the resort.