Top California Spas for a Romantic Couples Weekend Getaway

In California, wellness rules, so it's no wonder that this state can boast so many exceptional spas for health and beauty, as well as wellness retreats that are sought by people world-wide. Whether you're seeking an afternoon of relaxation, or you're anxious to enjoy a week of pampering and rejuvenation, you'll find everything you're looking for in California.

Spa Resorts

If it's lavish settings and around the clock service that you seek as well as more options than you have time to review, then you know that the many luxury retreats and spas in California are the best in the world. Not so long ago, spas that would offer this much service and luxury were so exclusive that only Hollywood's elite could get in, but these days, the doors are open to everyone. You can enjoy being pampered with some of the standard options such as massage, aromatherapy, mud baths, hot or cold tubs, Jacuzzis and exfoliating scrubs, or you can consider something exotic such as an herbal foot treatment, salt scrub, a caviar facial and volcanic scrubs.
St. Regis Monarch Beach Resort and Spa: Located in Dana Point, this spa knows how to incorporate the nature that surrounds it. Sitting atop a gorgeous beach of white sand, this is a five star resort that has taken inspiration from a Spanish mission. It uses the many colors found in the landscape in its design. St. Regis also features a golf course for champions and the Spa Gaucin to allow for an unforgettable experience.

California Resort Hotel Spas

California resort hotel spa can be the ideal vacation spot and have facilities for everyone from singles and couples, to families and adults- only. They feature many different treatments and activities for all of their clientele and are located everywhere from the desert, to the mountains and beaches.
The Claremont Resort & Spa: Located at Berkeley, this Spa was designed as an English estate and is situated at the top of a hill to offer impressive views across the bay to San Francisco. This resort is luxury, sophistication and elegance all rolled into one with a spa that gains knowledge from the diverse knowledge of those in the Bay Area. This has earned the spa as a local favorite as well as a top of the line destination spa.

Destination Spas

California destination spas are also referred to as health spas. These spas are meant for you to totally sink yourself into them, in other words, they have been designed for those that want to embrace the “spa lifestyle” for a few days or more to totally heal body, mind and soul. You might want to check out some of these for the spa getaway you’ve been seeking.
The Golden Door: This spa has the goal of helping you to reach a perfect balance between spirit, body and mind. It is located in Escondido and offers programs that last a week and are meant to help increase your inner focus, encourage relaxation and improve your fitness levels. You can enjoy a men’s, women’s or co-ed week.

Health Spas and Wellness Retreats

California health spas can give you the boost you need to start living a healthy lifestyle by offering full fitness programs, classes to reduce stress, spa cuisine, and spa treatments that include massage. California has helped to pioneer the movement for holistic wellness with an emphasis on good overall health, exercise and diet lifestyle changes by simultaneously focusing on strengthening the body and mind and healing it as well. Methods for this overall improvement include tai chi, yoga, visualization, meditation and bodywork and massage.
The forefather of the holistic wellness movement in California is Esalen, located at Big Sur. Esalen provides everything from workshops to retreats and specializes in meditation, massage, yoga, Gestalt therapy and poetry. Don’t forget the hot springs on the Esalen grounds.

Weight-Loss Spas

California weight-loss spas offer you the edge you need when it comes to developing healthy eating habits to lose weight and keep it off. Spas for weight loss provide programs for weight management that include ongoing physician consultations, medical support, diets that count calories, low fat foods, hiking and special fasting programs.
Cal-a-Vie: Located in San Diego, this health retreat and spa is the ideal place for those who are seeking to lose a little weight and get into better shape. Hikes in the morning pair up with fitness classes that are intense and work with the healthy gourmet meals and rigorous exercise routines to help you achieve your goals. You’ll enjoy the luxurious accommodations and the spa treatments that focus on detoxifying are a must. You can do as much or as little as you want while you’re staying, so if you like freedom, this is the choice for you.

Eco-Friendly Green Spas

It’s no surprise that there are so many Eco-Friendly green spas in California, since this state has been a leader in developing higher green standards. While there is no agreed upon definition of a “green” spa, most would say that it is a retreat or spa that works to reduce the environmental impact they have by saving energy and using as much eco-friendly and organic materials as possible while also recycling, composting and ensuring the use of fair trade products.
Take some time to get away and indulge in luxury that is good for the Earth when you visit the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel & Spa Napa Valley. This hotel and spa boasts environmental sustainability and is setting the trend with eco-friendly travelers who want to maintain environmental consciousness even when they travel.

Medical Spas

California medical spas feature medical programs which are run under very strict supervision of licensed professionals in the healthcare industry. Services often range from the traditional to the non-traditional spa and medical treatments.

Fitness Spas

You can find the total balance between your spirit, body and mind when you visit one of the many fitness spas in California. You’ll find everything from yoga programs that offer the Eastern healing methods to provide an increase in flexibility, a reduction in stress and more mental clarity as well as an improvement in the way your organs function. Holistic methods such as these use ancient wisdom and add them to sensibilities of today to help you achieve total healthy balance.
Bacara Resort and Spa: Enjoy an estimated 42,000 square feet of spa in this delightful Santa Barbara retreat that boasts 41 treatment rooms for individuals, outdoor and indoor massage, Swiss showers, four private suites, wellness programs that are personalized and a fitness center.

Day Spas

When you visit some of the best day spas in California you’ll leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. You can bask in the privacy of natural surroundings to melt away your stress and renew your energy, while enjoying a calm spirit. Enjoy one of the many beautifully tranquil retreats on your time.

California Thermal Spas

The original Hollywood elite were not the first spa lovers in California. Most likely it was actually the Native Americans who enjoyed the hot springs throughout the state. Adventurous souls can explore one of the many hot springs that you can only hike to for free, and those who want something more can visit one of the more rustic resorts featuring hot springs.
Hike on some of the most secluded trails that are crossed again and again by streams of fresh water before soaking in a tub at the seriously rustic Stewart Mineral Springs Resort located in Shasta Cascade.
Soothe yourself in the thermal waters Sierra Hot Springs, located right in the heart of Gold Country.