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85% said procedure was worth it
15% said procedure was not worth it

The average reported Breast Implants cost is: $6588

$6500 Love my large breast after breast augmentation

Denver, CO

Three weeks ago I had breast implants and I had very fast and painless recovery. I was 34A and wanted to have full C. The doctor was awesome and he showed me before and ... Read the full Breast Implants review

$5500 Had to have breast augmentation after breastfeeding

Colorado Springs, CO

Two months ago I had breast implants under the muscle. Recovery was very smooth without any pain. I was swollen in the beginning but now I feel and look great. My breasts ... Read the full Breast Implants review

$10000 Saline breast implants look so real!

Indianapolis, IN

After having five kids I finally decided to do something for me, so I could feel better. My breast were very saggy and it seemed like they diminished in size. No wonder, I ... Read the full Breast Implants review

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