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71% said procedure was worth it
29% said procedure was not worth it

The average reported Artefill cost is: $1779

$1550 Artefill Fixed My Worry Lines

San Francisco, CA

I had very prominent worry lines on my face, which made me look very funny so I decided to get Artefill treatment for that. The treatment caused a bit pain but that was ... Read the full Artefill review

$2200 Artefill isn't a long lasting solution for periorbital lines


I underwent Artefill treatment because I used to look about 10 years older than my age. I had periorbital lines and my worry lines were also very prominent. The treatment was ... Read the full Artefill review

$1500 Artefill Treatment Has Removed All My Worry Lines


I am Christine and I had my Artefill treatment couple of months ago. Actually, I was experiencing aging effects very early; my worry lines were getting darker and the eye ... Read the full Artefill review

$1600 Artefill artistry

Seattle, WA

I love, love, love my PS! She is an artist with a syringe! She suggested using Artifill for my nasolabial folds and to enhance my chin and jaw line just a bit. I was ... Read the full Artefill review

$2250 Artefill movement

Chicago, IL

All the good things I heard about Artefill made me jump on the bandwagon. The PS said he was experienced with Artefill and had perfected his own technique. I had no idea what ... Read the full Artefill review

$1550 Artefill for my Marionette lines

New York, NY

I decided it was time to do something about my marionetteŁ lines. They kept getting worse and I was embarrassed about them. After talking it over with my doctor, I decided ... Read the full Artefill review

$1800 Artefill made me look years younger

Los Angeles, CA

I wanted a way to get back my youthful appearance, and I had no success with topical treatments and creams. I knew I had to do something more dramatic, so I decided to go ... Read the full Artefill review

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