Best Destination Spas in United States

There are spas that you visit for a couple of hours now and then, and then there are those that are meant for total immersion. US Top 10 Destination Spas fall into that second category. These facilities are designed for people who want to soak in the spa lifestyle over a few days, possibly weeks. Check out the following spas to learn about the best places to choose for a serious spa getaway.

Cal-a-Vie Spa - San Diego, California

Cal-a-Vie is a health spa and retreat in San Diego, California, and it serves as the perfect destination for guests looking to shed a few pounds or commune with nature. Morning hikes and intense fitness classes are combined with light gourmet meals, spa treatments, and luxury accommodations. The result? A spa retreat with spirit and body fitness in mind.

Golden Door Spa - Escondido, California

Achieving a perfect balance of mind, body, and spirit is the goal at Golden Door, a destination spa in Escondido, California. The spa guides guests through weeklong programs that are designed to improve fitness, increase inner focus, and encourage relaxation. Men's, women's, and coed weeks are available.

Mii Amo Spa - Sedona, Arizona

Mii Amo spa takes its name from the Native American word for journey, which is just what guests encounter at the Sedona spa. The spa is more relaxed than others in its approach to wellness. There are no set programs to follow, just a variety of healthy activities and relaxing treatments from which to choose.

Miraval Resort - Tucson, Arizona

Miraval Resort offers something for everyone looking to get more out of life. Some programs are designed to help guests lose weight. Others are meant to challenge people. Still, more are set up to improve relationships. No matter what guests' needs, Miraval is sure to offer some kind of spa-based program to suit them.

Mayflower Inn and Spa - Connecticut

The northeast's finest spa happens to be of the destination variety. Mayflower Inn and Spa is a Connecticut haven for relaxation. Guests can enjoy all-inclusive packages, which include unlimited treatments and spa cuisine, to completely unwind at this secluded getaway. And with tons of options available, Mayflower is one of the most flexible destination spas out there.

Canyon Ranch Spa - Lenox, Massachusetts

Canyon Ranch Spas are some of the finest destination establishments in the nation, and the Lenox, Massachusetts location tops the list of New England spas. With programs ranging from corporate retreats to longevity weekends, the Lenox Canyon Ranch caters to all kinds of people looking to improve their health.

Canyon Ranch Spa - Tucson, Arizona

Another Canyon Ranch property is located in Tucson, Arizona, where the focus is on enjoying life to the fullest. In the midst of the Sonoran Desert, the Tucson Canyon Ranch Resort is an inspiring location for pampering and refining the body. Take a yoga class, work out, enjoy spa cuisine, or indulge in a massage... the choices are endless!

La Costa Resort - San Diego, California

San Diego's La Costa Resort is a one-of-a-kind destination spa. Unlike most similar facilities, families are welcomed and programs aren’t structured. Visitors can spend as much or as little time as they'd like in the spa area, which includes a fitness center and meditation center. With so much flexibility, La Costa makes an ideal choice for people unsure about stricter spas.

Lake Austin Spa Resort - Austin, Texas

Texas's Lake Austin Spa Resort was hailed as the number one destination spa in American in 2008 by Conde Nast Traveler. Discover for yourself why it deserves this honor. With fantastic cuisine, a prime location on the lake, and special programs for guests seeking guidance during their spa time, you'll quickly see why it's the best.

The Oaks Spa - Ojai, California

For destination spa goers who want to lose weight, there's no better place to go than The Oaks at Ojai. This California spa helps guests lose pounds by placing them in rigorous exercise programs and teaching good eating habits. Of course, luxury spa treatments are the reward for all the hard work at The Oaks.

No matter if you want a relaxing weekend to de-stress or hope to lose a few pounds quickly, there's a destination spa out there to help you reach your goals. Choose one of America's Best Destination Spas, listed above, for the finest spas offering luxurious programs. You can't go wrong.